TigerCloud Test Drives

Your TigerCloud Test Drive: Customized

The best way to see what TigerCloud can do is to try it yourself. A TigerCloud Test Drive lets you explore system functionality, become familiar with the interface and simulate how TigerCloud would function in your environment. Test Drives provide access to a pre-configured TigerCloud located in a test bed at our datacenter. Using the web-based interface, you'll log into the Cloud Management Center to test system features for yourself.

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What a Test Drive Offers:
  • Experience the ease & functions of TigerCloud from our datacenter
  • Choose a Test Drive tailored for your time & usage requirements
  • Use our web-based interface to simulate an on-premise system
  • Monitor and manage virtual systems and resources through the CMC
  • Deploy and configure virtual desktops, servers and storage
  • Attach and access virtual resources
  • Configure backups and use TigerCloud's snapshot features
  • Monitor system performance and perform load testing
  • Discuss sizing and pricing so TigerCloud will meet your needs