TigerCloud Demonstration:
Using Multi-Tenancy
to Host Multiple Clients

Hosted By: Luke Stimak, Technical Trainer

  • Becoming an IaaS and cloud services provider requires a robust set of tools to provide virtual networks, storage, servers and desktops for your clients. The “TigerCloud Demonstration: Using Multi-Tenancy to Host Multiple Clients” video shows you how TigerCloud enables you to quickly deploy public, private and hybrid cloud services for your clients without the complexity.

    Spend the next 10 minutes with us so we can show you how TigerCloud’s Cloud Management Center creates virtual resources with a real-time walk-through of the process. Take a look at how TigerCloud provides:

    • VLAN technology for secure, segregated networks
    • VM-aware SAN with 3-tiered storage for maximum speed
    • Full hypervisor management for VMware 5.x and Hyper-V 2008/2012
    • Integrated business continuity and disaster recovery